Ohhhh invitations…. This was probably the element of our wedding planning that has taken up the most time and caused the most stress so far. With endless options available, I found it extremely difficult to narrow down the 71 pages of designs to our favorite. However, Minted and their customer service team made the process far less painful than it could have been!

I chose to use Minted to create our wedding invitations for a couple of reasons:

1. I’ve had brides order invitations from Minted in the past and they all looked absolutely beautiful!

2. They offered complimentary addressing for the envelopes (MAJOR time saver!!)

3. I’m apart of the Minted Wedding Planner Program so I’ve had the opportunity to partner with the company in the past and know the quality of their work and customer service (plus I have an exclusive discount so that’s helpful!)

I knew I wanted something elegant and simple for our invitations. Although it took quite a long time, I finally narrowed everything down to about 5 invitation options. We ordered some samples and waited to make our final decisions until we could physically hold them in person.

I’m so glad we did that because the invitation that I had in my mind that we would select ended up being a completely different color than it looked online. That’s why it is SO important to order samples of your invitations before ordering them completely!

We chose this beautiful, letter pressed invitation with deep green writing and a floral accent! I’m so in love with the way they turned out!

PRO TIP: Order a custom stamp off of Etsy to avoid having to write your return address 50 times over and over! We did and it was THE best $15 I’ve ever spent 🙂

It took about two weeks to collect addresses, order the invitations, receive them, and put everything in the mail! I suggest that my clients send out their invitations around 3 months before their wedding, with an RSVP date of 4-5 weeks prior to the big day! This gives plenty of time to ensure that everyone is accounted for and the final numbers can be set to the caterer and venue team without a ton of back and forth of changed totals.

Remember that discount code that I mentioned earlier?? If you want to try out Minted Wedding Invitations for yourself, use the exclusive code WEDPLBOUNDLESSLOVE to receive 25% off your purchase! I do not receive any commission through purchases made with this code – just love to products and company so want to make sure you can try it out as well 🙂


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July 28, 2020



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