Our Proposal Story

One week ago, on January 18th, this wonderful man asked me to be his wife!! Caleb and I have been dating long distance for almost 4 years now. He lives in southwest VA and I am at school in Harrisonburg, VA. We both had a three day weekend so he came to visit me!!

We woke up, got ready, and decided to go out for our favorite lunch — Chinese food! He was acting a little nervous/off but I didn’t think anything about it.

After that, we had planned on meeting up with one of my best college friends, Megan, for gelato! I was giving Caleb directions to the downtown parking garage that we would need to park in to get to the gelato shop. I told Caleb, “Take this left into the parking garage!” At the last minute he told me that I had mentioned we had to pick up Megan from her house. I was immediately suspicious because I KNEW that I had never said that!

I call Megan and she said, “Oh yeah! Can y’all pick me up?” So, we drive to Megans house and we were on our way! I continue to give Caleb directions to the same parking garage and he continues to ignore my directions. I was growing increasingly frustrated because I thought he was completely unfamiliar with Harrisonburg roads. Unknown to me, he had been up to Harrisonburg the Saturday before to scope out the perfect spot with Megan.

Finally, he decides to park in this church parking lot near the courthouse in downtown, about two blocks from the gelato shop. By now, I was so confused because it was raining and we had to walk much farther by parking there instead of in the parking garage. As we were walking to the shop, Megan dropped back and Caleb started talking about how much he loves me and our relationship. This is the moment I knew what was happening!!

We are walking through this beautiful, artsy ally-way in downtown and he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him!! Of course, I was in such awe and said yes!! Right after, there were people walking around downtown who saw and everyone started cheering! And surprise: we didn’t even get gelato!

Caleb had arranged for 30 of my closest JMU friends to be at Megan’s house after for an engagement party! It was such a sweet time filled with food, pictures, hugs, and so much more!! Later that night, we called all of our family to tell them the great news! Finally, we topped the night off with a fancy dinner date night downtown!!

January 18th was absolutely the best day of my life!! At the end of the day, I was SO overwhelmed by how loved that day made me feel and the thoughtfulness and effort that Caleb exerted to make this day the most special day for me (literally hundreds of miles on his car in one week — what?!)! I am one lucky girl! I am excited for whats to come and the life I get to spend loving this sweet, caring, respectful, thoughtful, Godly man!


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January 25, 2020



  1. Nancy Snider says:

    I’m sitting here crying, reading this. I still so very happy to have you as my new granddaughter. Love you. This was so very special. Always remember God is in the mist!

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