12 at home date night ideas that you will love!

Planning a wedding is very important (and time consuming). During engagement, it is so easy for couples to have their lives consumed by the never ending details that go into crafting their dream wedding. However, preparing for a lifetime carries much more significance. Engagement should be filled with intentional conversations, dates, and purposeful time spent planning for a lifetime ahead. That is why I believe you should continue to date your future spouse as you are getting ready to start your lives together!

I wanted to share some easy ways to have a date night at home without having to go anywhere! Feel free to add your own personal touches to these 12 suggestions:

Make pizza for dinner together!

Start watching a new Netflix series that neither have seen before!

Play a round of “would you rather”!

Grab a deck of cards or your favorite board game and have game night!

Make a bonfire in your backyard (bonus points for s’mores)!

Stargaze in a hammock!

Do a puzzle together!

Look through photographs from your childhood, time dating, or both families!

Have a DIY wine + paint night!

Go on a walk around the neighborhood!

Plant some flowers or start a garden!

Sing as much as your heart desires during Karaoke!

Like I said, having a date night is a great way to unplug and really connect with your future spouse! Two extra challenges: do not talk about the wedding itself during this time and put away your cell phones!! Hope these ideas are helpful and would love to hear what your favorite idea is in the comments below!!


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October 9, 2019



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