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Portraying your vision of your wedding day can be extremely challenging. You have exactly what you want in your head but others don’t always understand what you’re telling them. Insert mood boards.

Mood boards are collections of images that provide inspiration and portray a vision to their audience. When done correctly, it can help others step into your mind in order to have an idea of what you envision your wedding day to be!!

I encourage all of my clients to create a mood board from their hundreds of pins on Pinterest. I even work with my design + planning clients to create one for them! Mood boards are SO important! They give all of your wedding vendors an idea of what their finished project should look like!

Are you sold yet?! Ready to make your very own mood board?? I’ve found that these categories work the best when you are designing a mood board:

Use the following categories to create your very own mood board: texture, colors, themes, fonts, images, words, shapes, etc.


Pick 3 to 5 colors that you want everything to be centered around. Think about mixing in a metallic or glitter to add a little bit of shine into the pallet!


If you plan on having any signage, place cards, programs, etc., choose some fonts that you like! Try pairing 2 to 3 different ones together to add some variety. Having consistent fonts across the event really tie the whole look together!


Think lace, satin, tulle, or cheese cloth!! What kinds of textures match your styles best?? They can be found on bridal party attire or even decorations!


We can’t forget the beautiful inspiration we get from Pinterest!! Add some of your favorite photos of table-scapes, ceremony layouts, florals, or anything you like! This is where you can get really creative!

Time to put your board together?! Type in “mood board templates” into Google and it’ll pull up TONS of options. My favorite to use is Canva. It’s free and easy to use!

At the end of the day, this is your mood board! There is no right or wrong way to put one together! Have fun with it and it will serve very useful for you and your vendor dream team!! (:


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June 27, 2019



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