Honoring Dad on your Wedding Day

No matter how old you get, you’ll always be daddy’s little girl! He was the first man that loved you. Your wedding day is going to be emotional for him. Take a moment on that day to remind him how special he will always be to you! Here are some of my favorite ways to honor your father at your wedding:

Share a father-daughter dance

Having a father-daughter dance is a great way to have fun with your dad on your wedding day! It can be a traditional slow dance song, like My Little Girl by Tim McGraw. Or, if that’s not your thing, try doing a fun, upbeat song that you can arrange a choreographed dance to!

Do a first look with your dad

You’ve thought about doing a first look with your future spouse. It’s an intimate time for an initial reaction to you in your wedding dress. Do the same thing with your dad! There are sure to be tears when he sees his little girl all dressed in white!!

Ask him to say the blessing

At the beginning of the reception, your father will have a few minutes to be in front of all of your guests and thank them for being in attendance. You can honor him by presenting him with the opportunity to say a blessing over the food before dinner is served. This gives him the chance before everyone to thank the Lord for the joining of two lives in marriage.

Special gifts

Order a custom tie or hankie to present him on your wedding day! I’ve seen some really cute sayings that you can embroider on the gift to make it a little more special (:

Write a note

Your wedding day is a hectic day, with a capital H. To give you a peace of mind, you can prepare ahead of time. Write a heartfelt note that acknowledges your dad’s presence in your life and thank him for all that he has done to shape you into the person you are today. Place it into his suit pocked on the day-of. Writing a letter gives him something to look back on years to come!! Also, I just love the idea of hand-written notes. They show so much thought and effort!!

It’s important to realize that every daughter and father have a different relationship. If big gestures aren’t your thing, do something more low key. Honoring your dad on your wedding day is all about celebrating him and making him feel special through a personalized approach! Be you and choose something from the heart!


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June 13, 2019



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