Remember these things when choosing your wedding dress!

Who has watched every single episode of Say Yes to the Dress that has ever aired?? I know I have! Many of us have dreamed of the feeling that we would get as we step into our white dress and have the overwhelming emotions that are associated with the thought that this could be THE ONE! Endless photographs on Pinterest that can spark images of what we hope to look like on our big day! I wanted to provide you with some things to remember as you head to the boutique for your appointment!

We are all different. Don’t compare your body style to the models in the photos

Just like snowflakes, no two people are alike! When you’re trying on wedding dresses, don’t compare how you look to the model. Those photos have been edited and distorted. According to Insider, the average Victoria Secret model is 5’10”, has blond or brown hair, and wears a size six dress size. The average woman is 5’4”, has brown or black hair, and wears a size 16 dress size. The numbers don’t life. These models do not represent reality. Your body is beautiful! Think about how much it does for you each day! It nourishes you, allows you to do your work, and gives you the life that you have! That’s something that you shouldn’t take for granted! Don’t hate your body because you don’t look like that girl in the picture. Celebrate and embrace it because it is part of what makes you special and unique!

Have an open mind, be willing to TRY

Have you ever noticed that when brides go into Kleinfeld, they never get the dress that they came in with the intentions of buying? Yeah, I didn’t until someone pointed it out to me either! Bridal consultants know how dresses flatter different body types. Go into your appointment with some ideas of what you like and what you don’t like but keep an open mind as you have dresses brought into the fitting room! Although I have never tried on a wedding dress, I am guilty of this preconceived notion that I know best. When I was searching for my prom dress, my mom told me that I had to try on everything that was sent to the dressing room, regardless of my opinion. We got good laughs at some of them but this strategy led to me falling in love with a dress that I totally disregarded on the rack! The same thing can happen when you’re trying on wedding dresses. Keep an open mind and just try it on!!


I get it. We’re all women. Society has convinced us to believe that in order to be beautiful, we have to wear a size zero, have flawless skin, and have golden tan skin. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t fallen into the trap of body image before. I love makeup just as much as the next person but it’s not meant to cover up our imperfections. Makeup is designed to enhance our natural beauty. You are beautiful just the way you are! When God designed you, he looked at you and said, “perfect.” When we accept the reality that the God who created the universe looks at us for our inward beauty and character and not our outward appearance, we are freed from the trap that our culture has laid. We can truly embrace our imperfections! Always remember that you are beautiful and should feel beautiful when you are in that dress!

Wait for the “ahh ha” moment when you feel as if you can not take your dress off because you love it so much! Wait for the moment when you and your friends/family are in tears because you’ve found THE ONE! Wait for the moment where you can imagine your fiance’s face as he sees you walk down the aisle! That’s when you know you’ve found your wedding dress!



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April 25, 2019



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