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Photos are probably my favorite things about weddings! I love the idea of looking back years down the road and reminiscing on the day your married life began! That being said, it is SO important to pick the right photographer. But do you know how to do that??

Most photographers offer what is called a consultation. This is a time that you get the opportunity to sit down with the photographer and get to know them, their business, packages, and style on a much deeper level. Consultations are so crucial in the process of choosing your wedding photographer! It is the time that you get to ask all of the hard questions and determine if they will be a good match for you! It’s not all about their abilities. You also have to consider how their personality makes you feel when you’re around them. After all, you’ll be spending the majority of your wedding day with them so you’ll definitely want to like their personality!!

Often, brides and grooms feel intimidated when it is time to sit down for your photography consultation. “What do I say?” or “What types of questions do I ask?” To provide some guidance and boost your confidence as you head into your consultation, I am collaborating with my friend Mary, owner of Mary Anna Photography, to give you some questions you should ask your potential photographer. I met Mary at a local networking meeting for creative wedding entrepreneurs! She is such a sweetheart and is very talented at what she does! Here are a few things you should know about Mary : she enjoys volunteering for local charities, is a mama to 4 beautiful babies, and some of her first camera work was for syndicated television and CBS sports!

As someone who’s hosted quite a few photography consultations, Mary suggests that you ask the following questions.

How would you describe your editing style and can I see examples?

Every professional photographer has a unique way they edit their photos. You might have heard terms like “Dark and Moody”, “Light and Airy” & “Bright and Vibrant.” Each photographers work will look similar in camera. It’s how a photographer edits after the session that has a huge impact on the final product. If you prefer one style of photography over another make sure your photographer specializes in that style.

Pro-Tip: When you look through the photographer’s portfolio make sure “their look“ is consistently reproduce in a variety of settings and shoots. If a photographer has a consistent portfolio then you can trust that your wedding photos that look as amazing as the ones you saw online.


Please describe how you direct a portrait session.

All photographers have different ways of interacting with their clients during a portrait session. Some prefer more candid, unposed images while others direct their clients into specific poses. There is no right or wrong style, it’s whatever you prefer. As they describe how they conduct a session ask yourself, if you and your fiance would feel comfortable in that situation.

Pro-Tip: When you look through their portfolio ask yourself what the general emotion is in their images. Are they traditional, joyful, romantic, dramatic? All photographers will capture a little bit of everything but will typically prefer one type of posing more than others. Try to find a photographer who portrays the emotion you want captured from your wedding day.

How do you like to shoot a wedding day?

A well seasoned wedding photographer will prefer a certain flow to a wedding day. Some photographers require first looks, others like a certain time for detail shots or sunset portraits. It’s important to question your photographer about this to make sure they are confident in planning the flow of shooting a wedding while also being versatile enough to keep up with the constant adjustments that might need to be done on a wedding day. Many photographers will send over a sample timeline to give you a general idea of how much time they typically need on a wedding day. An organized photographer is key to a less stress for your wedding day!

Please describe to me what your wedding packages include.

Photographers base wedding packages on common needs and requests from brides. If you’re unsure of what package you should purchase briefly explanation your wedding and ask the photographer to recommend a package to meet your needs. Here’s a list of common package services that might be included: second shooter, social preview, engagement session, number of hours included and, if needed, the cost for extra hours.

How will I receive my images?

Ask your photographer how you will receive your images after the wedding. Are you purchasing prints, an album, USB? Do you get digital files and what you can do with your digital images? It’s so important to be able to share your photos on social media, make photo gifts and prints to display in your new home!

Pro-Tip: Photographers love it when you share and use your wedding photos online!! We also love it when clients tag our business page so future clients can see our work.

I hope Mary’s advice makes you feel more confident than ever as you schedule your photography consultation. You now have all the tools to choose the right person for you! Just remember, go with your gut and always make sure you “click” with the photographer you are hiring!

A big THANK YOU to Mary for giving this great advice! If you want to check out Mary’s website and blog, click here!


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April 18, 2019



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