Don’t like traditional wedding cake? Try these desserts instead!

Confession time…. dessert is my favorite meal of the day! While I don’t discriminate based on types of dessert, let’s face it, not everyone prefers cake to be served at their wedding! It’s okay to against the “norm”! Your wedding is YOUR day! Choose a dessert that you will love and guest won’t stop talking about with these alternatives!

Personalized Sugar Cookies

I love the idea of having personalized sugar cookies at your wedding! Cookies make wonderful gifts, favors, and displays.  They are fully customizable to your event, theme, and needs. 

Decorated cookies are incredibly unique because they can be personalized so extensively.  There are so many options and techniques available to them your own, that you honestly can’t go wrong. You can even silkscreen a special person’s face onto cookie with icing! 

Three Melons Bake Shop is a home-based bake shop specializing in custom decorated sugar cookies, as well as other sweets.  Think of these masterpieces as the ‘Cadillac’ of sugar cookies. Customized cookies can make any event or occasion more memorable. Every cookie is made special with their client’s vision in mind. Recipes are made with only the best products and ingredients. Three Melons Bake Shop loves making their clients happy with something as small as a sugar cookie!

Gourmet Popcorn

You’ve probably seen photos of a s’mores bar that couples have at their wedding. Sometimes, those can be a logistical nightmare! Unless you have a venue that allows bonfires, you’ll have to get special permission to have open-flame propane tanks running for your guest to roast their marshmallows. Also, couples never account for how messy s’mores are to make. No guest wants to be all dressed up and feel super sticky after they’ve eaten dessert!

Way less messy and equally as delicious are popcorn bars! Gourmet popcorn comes in a variety of flavors, from sweet to savory! Often, you can create you own bags or labels to double as a favor that your guests love (and actually use because let’s be real–no one knows what to do with some wedding favors)! And BONUS…it can serve as a nice travel snack for family and friends that came long distances to celebrate you on your wedding day.

PrePOPsterous® serves up Absurdly® Flavorful Gourmet Popcorn for weddings and other special events. Their popcorn is unique because it can be dressed up or dressed down in many ways to fit your wedding theme. With almost 20 different flavors available and custom coloring available, they are sure to have something that fits your tastebuds!

Duck Donuts

Donuts have had all the craze recently! Couples are creating donut walls and towers in leu of having a wedding cake. Guests really love this option because there are TONS of flavors to choose from!

Duck Donuts is one of my favorite places to get gorgeous donuts for your wedding! Their donuts are unique because every single one is freshly fried and hand topped. They have a wide range of topping that couples can pick and combine in any way they see fit. Ultimately, your imagination is really the only limit when it comes to choosing flavors/ colors for your wedding. Also, they offer custom dyed frosting to match the colors of any particular wedding.

Thank you to the following people for providing images for this blog post: Bessie Black Photography, Valley Heirlooms, Cristy’s Floral Designs, PrePOPsterous, Duck Donuts, Julia Weaver Photography, April B Photography, and Three Melons Bake Shop


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August 26, 2019



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