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Creating a wedding website is a relatively new trend. Websites allow couples to virtually share information about their wedding day! In the past, I have partnered with Minted to meet the stationary needs of my clients. I LOVE working with them so we decided to purchase our invitations (more to come on that later) and create our website through their platform!

At first, I was extremely hesitant to build a wedding website. From previous experience creating the BLE website, I thought it would be extremely complicated and time consuming. Oh boy was I wrong!! Minted had tons of beautiful templates to make the process super fun and easy! We simply had to fill in the information, upload the photos, and voila! Our wedding website was complete in less than two hours!

On the home page of the website, we listed our names and wedding date at the very top! Underneath, I included a short summary of our story. This included how we first met, an overview of our time together, and our proposal. I thought this would be something fun to share with all of our friends and family, even though they’ve probably heard it hundreds of times haha!

Next, it was time to introduce our bridal party! I totally stalked their Facebook profiles to include a photo and a couple sentences about our relationship with each person. It was such a sweet time to walk through memory lane and reminisce on how each of these people played a huge role in our lives and relationship 🙂

We had to complete a couple things to do before our website could be complete: the gift registry and hotel blocks. We chose to register at Target and Amazon because they are widely accessible across the US. Also, both companies have plenty of items that we could add to our wishlist! At Target, Caleb downloaded the Target app on his phone, started a registry account, and we walked around the store for a couple of hours dreaming about all the things that would fill our future home 🙂 To create the Amazon registry, we didn’t even need to leave the house! We selected “Wedding Registry” from the home screen and began searching for the remaining items we didn’t find at Target. Amazon was incredibly helpful by providing a list of popular items that we could begin to choose from AND they’ll ship directly to our apartment when someone orders off the registry!

Since we will have family and friends coming from out of town for our wedding, it was essential to secure a hotel block. A hotel block reserves a number of rooms, typically at a discounted rate, for large parties. I always suggest that every client I serve secures a hotel block, especially if there aren’t many hotels around to choose from. This will ensure that everyone has a place to stay when they come in town for the wedding! To begin the process, we researched hotel options near our venue. Once we had selected a couple good options, I gave each hotel a call and spoke with their sales department. In just a couple of minutes, they were able to set up the hotel block and send me a link to add to the wedding website — super easy!

While our families and friends are in town, Caleb and I thought it would be fun to share some restaurant and outing recommendations! Whenever we are in a new place, I love to try local restaurants instead of eating out at a chain. We picked some of our favorite and most iconic local spots in Roanoke, including the Salem Ice Cream Parlor where I worked in high school and college! There aren’t a whole lot of attractions to visit in Roanoke but there are plenty of mountainous overviews and parks to see! Just incase our guests have some free time before/after our wedding, we wanted to include some recommendations for things to see before they left town for the weekend!

Lastly, we decided to have our guests RSVP for the wedding directly through our website. Although I love some good snail mail, it didn’t make a ton of sense for us to use traditional RSVP cards. There were a couple of reasons but we mainly chose this route because it’s easier to track guest count and RSVPs through an online platform. Using a software, like Minted, to keep everything organized is a HUGE time saver, will alleviate a ton of headache, and ensure that everyone is actually accounted for 🙂

Pro tip: If you want to make your life even easier when it comes to ordering your invitations, have your complete guest list and the corresponding addresses handy! You can upload each one to the RSVPs and then Minted will transfer those addresses directly to your complimentary envelope addressing!

Creating a website with Minted is completely free AND you get a $50 credit towards your stationary order by using their site! With your free wedding website, you have the option to upgrade to a premium site. The premium site comes with the ability to create a custom URL and upload photos. While this isn’t required, we chose to make the upgrade since we will be including the URL on our invitations. Caleb and I wanted something personal to put instead of random letters and numbers on a Minted branded address. It was well worth the investment, plus we will be able to upload some of our engagement photos 🙂

Now, I know you’re probably dying to see all of this hard work come together! You can check out our wedding website at www.! It’s still very much a work in progress but I’d love to hear what you think — leave your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


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July 12, 2020



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