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Wow! I feel like I haven’t shared anything about my personal life recently! It’s been a hectic few weeks in my neck of the woods. At the beginning of the month, I finished up my junior year at James Madison University. This year has been full of new adventures and hard lessons but I am so thankful for all of the opportunities and friendships that it has brought me!

The same day, I celebrated my 21st birthday! The day consisted of two final exams, pedi’s with my good friend Megan, and dinner with my family. We topped the night off with my favorite snowball: Strawberry + Pina Colada (: YUM!

I went to the beach with my grandparents for a week. I have always loved sitting at the ocean edge for hours on end, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore! I finally got to start reading a new book that I’ve had on my list FOREVER. I’ve had intentions of reading Present Over Perfect but never got around to it (anyone with me there?). Also got way too sunburned because I didn’t put on sunscreen when it was cloudy… who knew that you can get burned when the sun is hidden behind the clouds? Not me.

Caleb, my boyfriend of three years, graduated from college so I got to celebrate with him!

My sister, Reagan, went to senior prom! I turned into a “photographer” to capture her day! She LOVES Chick-fil-a. To the point she would eat it for all three meals in one day, not even exaggerating. So, her date took her in the CFA cow truck! How cute!


Now, I’m home enjoying my time with some friends and family before I move to North Carolina for my summer internship. It’s been a hectic few weeks but so many fun things have happened! What has your May looked like?? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below (:

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