Honoring Mom at Your Wedding

Your mother is your best friend who has been by your side since birth! She has been there for all of the firsts in your life: steps, words, day of school, break-ups. You name it, she’s been there supporting you all the way! Are you looking for a unique way to show her how special she is to you on your wedding day? Look no further! Here are some of my favorite ways to honor Mom on your wedding day:


Mama’s Recipes

Let’s be real, there’s nothing better than Mama’s cooking! Honor your mother by serving one of her signature recipes at dinner or for dessert. Don’t forget to give her a shoutout so everyone knows she’s such a great cook (: If you’re feeling extra generous, you can even provide guests with a recipe card so mom’s recipes can be shared with new people in the future!


Pamper Mom

Take your mother with you to get your nails done before the big day! Treat her to professional hair and make-up so she feels as beautiful as everyone knows she is! Some moms love to do this regularly, but it could be a special treat to allow her to relax and feel included in the wedding festivities (:


Her Dress

If you LOVE your mom’s wedding dress or it’s a family heirloom, wear her dress on your wedding day! If it’s not your style, you could always take a piece of her dress and wrap it around your bouquet or sew a patch to the inside of your dress!


Her Song

Play her wedding song at your reception! You can request your parents to the dance floor and let them reminisce about their own wedding at yours! She will be able to see everything come full circle (:



Instead of tossing your bouquet to all of the eligible bachelorettes, give it to your Mom! To preserve it forever, she could get it pressed into a wall decoration and place it into her favorite room of the house!


In the Morning

Before all of the craziness of the wedding begins, take a moment to look through pictures from your Mom’s wedding! You could find some pictures you want to recreate but it will definitely be a sweet time to reflect on what your wedding day truly means in the long run.


First Look

Who says first looks are only for dad?? Do a first look with your mom and make sure you have some tissues and your photographer ready to capture this precious moment! Her reaction will be priceless


Write a letter

I’m a huge fan of this one!! I’ve always loved the idea of hand-written letters. I think it goes the extra mile by showing someone that you care enough to write out your thoughts and feelings. Write a letter that tells your Mom how much you love and appreciate her! She can keep this letter and re-read it when she’s missing you after you’ve moved away from home (:


Thank you to all of the Mama’s who have invested in their daughters lives and continue to love unconditionally (even when we can be a lot, lol)! A million trophies would never be enough for all that you sacrifice for them! How have you honored your mother on your wedding day?? I’d love to hear in the comments below!



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May 12, 2019



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