Let’s be friends!!

I LOVE making new friends!! The best way to make friends is to share interesting tidbits about things that make you YOU. Let’s see how many of these things you already knew about me…

My ultimate dream was to be a Disney princess

Okay, this might have been every little girls dream. BUT, I took it to the extreme. I even researched how one becomes a real Disney princess. I was so serious about this career path that I wrote a whole paper on why I wanted to be a Disney princess my senior year of high school Unfortunately, I surpassed the height requirements so I fell back on college….


I’ve never been to another continent

It’s on my bucket list to travel to different continents! I’ve been to the Caribbean but never over an ocean… I’m honestly so nervous about flying over water for that long but I hope to work up the courage to do it someday!


The only breed of dog I’ve ever had were cocker spaniels

I’ve had 3 dogs growing up and all of them have been cocker spaniels! Right now, I have a six year old boy named Bandit! His favorite activities include running in the backyard, howling, and eating treats!


Dessert is my favorite food group

I am a firm believer in the saying “there’s always room for desserts”! The amount of sugar that I consume is probably really bad but oops… I cant help it! I’m a sucker for a yummy brownie or cupcake (:


Recently decided that I like taking Barre at the gym

I’m NOT the athletic type. My sister got all of those genes. However, I’ve had back problems for a few years and found that my symptoms are less intense if I work out. The gym at my university offers free group exercise classes. I find it so fun to try out new classes! Right now, I have been really enjoying Barre, which is a combination of ballet, palates, and yoga!


I’m in a long distance relationship

I’ve been in a long distance relationship for just over three years now. My boyfriend, Caleb, and I started dating my senior year of high school! We had always known each other but it was never anything serious until he reached out to me my senior year. He goes to school in West Virginia so it’s pretty far away from my school. It hasn’t been easy but long distance is SO worth it!



Yep, you read that right. I am a college student and I don’t drink coffee. I’ve tried SO hard to like it because it is such a social thing to grab coffee with your friends. Unfortunately, I can’t stand even the slightest hint of coffee taste.


So what do you say, wanna be besties?! Now that you know a little about me, I’d love to get to know you better! You can shoot me an email at boundlessloveevents@gmail.com or follow me on social media @boundlessloveevents (:


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April 4, 2019



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